Are Rockets disrespecting Jeremy Lin with Carmelo billboard?

If it were possible for these racist Rockets to look through non-bigoted eyes to see the blatant disrespect for Asian American basketball players, the sheer magnitude of the unwarranted stereotyping and accompanying hatred, surely through the grace of God, they would feel at least some measure of shame and guilt.


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Jeremy Lin loaned out his No. 7 on Wednesday. He just didn’t know he did. And he was not happy about it.

When Carmelo Anthony arrived at Toyota Center for his meeting with the Rockets, the Rockets had the building adorned in large photo-shopped pictures of Anthony wearing Rockets uniforms with the No. 7, Lin’s number with the Rockets.

Anthony wore No. 7 with the Knicks, the number Lin took when he moved to the Rockets.

Lin likely would be traded to create the cap room needed to sign Anthony if the Rockets get that chance, but for now, the No. 7 belongs to Lin. When the shots of Anthony in Lin’s number made their way around Twitter and assorted blog posts, Lin acknowledged he felt “disrespected.”

Lin initially Tweeted a bible verse:  “Luke 6:29 – If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If…

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