Houston Rockets dis Jeremy Lin with image of Carmelo Anthony in No. 7 – ESPN

No surprise. Same old stereotype that Asians cannot play basketball, a theme from my daughter’s former school where she received racial slurs about her ethnicity and race and those of her friends–by her own teammates. After receiving my racial complaints my then 8th grade daughter was removed from the high school’s varsity team (being told she ” wasn’t good enough to play varsity” by the head coach, who earlier proclaimed my daughter was the most skilled player on the varsity team (though admittedly it was a poor-yo minimally mediocre team) and placed on the JV team, where she was a little-used reserve. Despite my numerous complaints of Title VI violations (of which the school district staff was obviously unaware), no action was taken to help my daughter in any way. After one of the last practices, she told me she would never get a fair shot at playing at that school and should just quit basketball and join her Asian friends (in the essentially all-white school system). It was then that I contacted a prominent civil rights group who wrote the school system concerning my daughter’s mistreatment, but like me, the civil rights group’s complaints were ignored also. Eventually, the group would file with the zu.S. Department of Education, a matter still being investigated though my daughter transferred to a new school, after playing on an AAU team that won the State AAU Division I Tournament, where she is thriving both academically and socially. Oh, and that stereotype (perpetuated at my daughter’s former school) that Asians can’t play basketball? Well, someone better remind my daughter again of this truism, and also the NCAA High Division I universities now recruiting her, only a year and a half removed from coming off the bench, only sparingly, on a crappy JV team at a classless high school.

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If it wasn’t clear before Wednesday that Jeremy Lin‘s days with the Houston Rockets were numbered, it is now.

In an effort to court Carmelo Anthony, the Rockets posted pictures of Anthony in a No. 7 jersey in the windows near one of the entrances to the Toyota Center.

Anthony wore No. 7 with the New York Knicks, so it makes sense that they’d want to let him know how he’d look in Rockets red. The only problem? Lin currently wears No. 7 in Houston.

Lin responded to the development by tweeting a Bible verse Wednesday morning.

Wednesday’s visit in Houston is the second leg of Anthony’s free-agent tour after he met with the Bulls in Chicago on Tuesday. He is scheduled to travel to Dallas to meet with theMavericks later Wednesday.

Among the contingent meeting with Anthony at the Toyota Center were Rockets centerDwight…

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