‘6-figure settlement’ in prep wrestling bullying case – Green Bay Press Gazette

‘6-figure settlement’ in prep wrestling bullying case Green Bay Press Gazette The insurer for the Wisconsin Rapids School District has agreed to a “six-figure” settlement to end a harassment and discrimination lawsuit brought by a bullied Wisconsin…

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AP Students at High School School Get Lessons in Effective Racist Techniques

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My Asian American daughter was the victim of racial slurs from her basketball teammates (not unlike those suffered by Jeremy Lin, who unselfishly had a 30 minute video chat with my daughter after his mom told him she had read my daughter’s story and asked him to talk with her).

She is thriving in every way (academically, socially and athletically) at her new school (which finished No. 5 in the final AP girls high school poll) and despite being removed from the varsity team and placed on the JV team where she was a little used reserved, harassed by coaches and teammates alike. The pretext for the move by the coach was my daughter’s “failure to give effort” though it coincided exactly with my last complaint of racial harassment and my daughter was the only player on the team who played both AAU and travel basketball year round. [It should be…

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Lost For Words — Jeremy Lin

A very touching video in which Jeremy spends hours of his own time to help a bullied Asian American student overcome his fears of even speaking in his school.

I personally know this video is not simply some public relations attempt to portray Jeremy Lin as a super Christian willing to help bullied minorities.

Once Jeremy Lin learned from his mother of the unmitigated mistreatment and bullying of my Asian American daughter by her fellow students and basketball teammates (who continuously hurled racial slurs at her without intervention by responsible adults) as reported in the national media, he arranged a 30 minute video chat with my daughter. His encouragement and words of wisdom greatly helped my daughter adjust to the new school where she transferred, as she began to excel academically and socially and renewed her love of basketball-and worked constantly to improve her game, eventually receiving an invitation to join a Nike EYBL basketball travel team on which she starts. During her freshman school year, she received letters from coaches at high D-1 universities.

My daughter described him as a “regular guy” and incredibly humble (which shocked her since she had held him on such a high pedestal) who offered her techniques to deal with the racial slurs and use them as incentive to improve her basketball game. He told her he has had to deal with racial hatred his whole life and refused to let racial slurs or other stereotypes define who he is as a person.

Edward Snowden: Whistleblower or Traitor?


220px-Edward_Snowden-2228px-Picture_of_Edward_SnowdenBelow is my column that ran this week in Al Jazerra on the one-year anniversary of the Snowden scandal. It is hard to believe that it has only been one year given the number of investigations, promised reforms, and articles. I previously wrote a piece explaining why a pardon or commutation would not be inconsistent with prior cases, but that still seems unlikely. While I disagree with Snowden’s release of classified information that could harm the country, I do believe that his case is more nuanced than his critics has suggested. What is fascinating is that, after a year, we appear no closer to a consensus on what Snowden represents.

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