The Terry Clarke Daily (Wednesday, March 11, 2015) has been published.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to suggest issues for potential articles for the publication. I try diligently to search for current articles on the issues suggested by the readership. Thanks to all who have helped this cross-platform publication to continue to attract and keep new readers! As usual, the link to the current publication is provided below.

The Terry Clarke Daily (February 25, 2015) is out!


Please click on the link below for today's edition. As always, please provide any comments on any of the articles, photos and videos, and let me know other subjects you would like to see Included in future editions. Thanks to everyone who has previously suggested content for inclusion.

The Terry Clarke Daily.


Monsters in my closet

I just stumbled upon this blogger’s website today and really enjoy reading her posts . I don’t know her, have never communicated with her in any form, but am drawn to her hauntily beautiful posts. Her site is definitely worth a look.

Monsters in my closet.


The beautiful country of Latvia