Questions and Answers about the Epidemic of Bullying of Asian American Students in Public Schools

I have written several posts about the unaddressed bullying of my Asian American daughter (who excels academically and athletically) at her former school. After some brief research, I soon learned that my daughter’s mistreatment was not unusual for Asian American students attending American public schools. In response to this bullying epidemic and other issues facing the Asian American community, President Obama established the AAPI Initiative to seek redress for these issues.(See

The article linked below contains numerous resources of assistance to one seeking information on bullying of Asian students.




How many more innocents must die? | Southern Poverty Law Center

How many more innocents must die? | Southern Poverty Law Center.

Is it just me or does it seem to others, too,  that this often-described “post-racial” American society we are supposedly living in is a meaningless jumble of words with no substance behind them or facts supporting the premise? I actually believed (naively, in hindsight) that America’s election of an African American president could possibly usher in a new era of tolerance and an appreciation of diversity.

I have found the opposite to be the case–and not just increased racial tensions between blacks and whites. It seems to me that as much as “we” profess our commitment to diversity and tolerance of all individuals regardless of their differences, “we” are becoming a more prejudicial society. I hope I am completely wrong in my premise, and, if you believe my premise to be flawed, please help fill in my gaps in logic.


SPLC Hate Map of America