The overpopulation problem presented through pictures

As an environmental attorney, I feel compelled to post links to articles I believe significant in describing dangers to the earth’s environment, as well as articles which support an opposite view, i.e., that environmental problems are vastly over-exaggerated and aim solely to get in the way of “progress.” I believe there is a kernel of truth in both positions, but when I consider my daughter’s future and her children’s future, I tend to believe if we err, it ought to be on the side of environmental protection.

The Guardian ran a story today, linked below, which presented the issue of over-population, not with a lengthy narrative piece, complete with citations to scientific journals, but very simply–with pictures showing the issue from their liberal perspective. I think it would be worth your while to visit the article–it is a short read, essentially a picture story (the kind that children, at least the ones like me, much preferred in Primary School Reading classes over the stories with big words, or too many words).

If you are of the inclination that over population is “real,” there exists an organization which will spell out the reasons behind over population and what can be done to address it. I have provided a link to their website below.
For those of you who believe the issue of over population is over-exaggerated, you are not alone either. The article linked below explores the issue of over population and concludes after a very logical analysis that the concept is, in fact, a myth.

Over Population: Fact or Myth

(Cover of the article linked immediately above)
Staying true to my goal of objectively presenting issues and allowing readers to make conclusions on their own, I invite comments on the issue of over population from whatever viewpoint you hold.