THE DEPLORABLE ACT OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Our “enlightened” modern society remains as barbaric as ever.

The deplorable, dehumanizing human-trafficking enterprise and the language used in discussing its eradication makes my skin crawl. Discussing these women, brutally raped and beaten each day, as a “reusable commodity” as opposed to drug traffickers whose “commodity” (illegal drugs) is finite (one can only smoke a joint once) shows you how barbaric our “modern society” remains. The article  (taken from The International Business Times), linked below, is certainly worth a read. I find it just slightly ironic that an agency whose purpose is to create, test and produce high level, cutting edge technology to help the USA defeat its opponents in war has created a system that may help the USA prevail on a vastly different battleground and against an atypical foe–Human Traffickers.