Grand Rapids Hires “Personal Coach” to Help Clerk Get Better At Job Then Offers Her An Alternative $80,000 Position After She Reportedly Fails To Improve . . . Clerk Sues City For $1 Billion

Sometimes, I wonder if America hasn’t fallen down the rabbit hole. I’m expecting to see the Mad Hatter any day now.


11002_lauriLauri Parks appears to have more zeros in her complaint against the city of Grand Rapids than arguments. Lauri is suing the Michigan city for $1 billion after she was fired as city clerk. She alleges racial discrimination despite that fact that the city went to the unprecedented step of hiring a “personal coach” to help her improve her performance and then offered to move her to an $80,000 position. When she refused, she was fired and sued the city for racial discrimination. It is a more difficult claim to make given the fact that her replacement, Darlene O’Neal, is African American.

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Europol | Human trafficking network engaged in sexual exploitation targeted in Austria

Europol informed that a broad police operation took place in the state of Carinthia on December 11: Austrian law enforcement authorities, with the support of Europol and Romanian authorities, ran an operation on 11 December to identify victims of …


There simply isn’t being enough done (in terms of financial resources and manpowe) to address this growing, tragic problem.

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Allen parents allege ‘racial bullying’ by coach – WFAA

In a living room sat three sets of parents with daughters who play basketball together at Allen High School, two for the JV team and the other with


This certainly comes as no surprise to me. No doubt, the  coach will follow the attorney’s script that there “was no racial harassment, just parents upset by playing time”–a common tactic.

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