Grand Rapids Hires “Personal Coach” to Help Clerk Get Better At Job Then Offers Her An Alternative $80,000 Position After She Reportedly Fails To Improve . . . Clerk Sues City For $1 Billion

Sometimes, I wonder if America hasn’t fallen down the rabbit hole. I’m expecting to see the Mad Hatter any day now.


11002_lauriLauri Parks appears to have more zeros in her complaint against the city of Grand Rapids than arguments. Lauri is suing the Michigan city for $1 billion after she was fired as city clerk. She alleges racial discrimination despite that fact that the city went to the unprecedented step of hiring a “personal coach” to help her improve her performance and then offered to move her to an $80,000 position. When she refused, she was fired and sued the city for racial discrimination. It is a more difficult claim to make given the fact that her replacement, Darlene O’Neal, is African American.

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