Latest news on the Fight Against International Organ Trafficking from Europe

News from Italy that a meeting involving ethicists, lawyers and doctors has recently been held at the Italian Parliament in response to the recent adoption by the Council of Europe of the first convention to combat human organs trafficking.


Specific mention is made about the ongoing issues within China. The full online article can be viewed by clicking on the banner headline.


What happens in 60 sec on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest

According an infographic from Qmee in 60 seconds, 293K statuses are updated on Facebook, WordPress bloggers share 1.8K new blog posts, web users download 15K songs, and Instagramers upload 67K photos.


“We all know activity on the Internet on a daily basis moves at lightening speed, but there’s something about having the numbers in front of you that makes it just a little bit more fascinating.”


This infographic looks at what happens in just one minute on social web…