Jeremy Lin wants ‘bigger role’ in Lakers

Jeremy Lin is the most humble, nicest young man I have ever met. He spent over 30 minutes video-chatting with my Asian American teenage daughter over their shared experience of dealing with racial and ethnic slurs. His talk to my daughter did more to restore her confidence than anyone could have predicted and soon thereafter she began excelling at basketball. After just completing her freshman year in high school (and, of course, transferring from the school that condoned the harassment), she is receiving attention from several major D1 basketball programs. All the best to Jeremy with his new team!

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2014/07/20 16:12:38

Taipei, July 20 (CNA) Taiwanese American NBA star Jeremy Lin, who was recently traded by the Houston Rockets to the Los Angeles Lakers, said Sunday that he expects to play a larger role on his new team.

Answering fans’ questions at a basketball camp in Taiwan, sponsored by China Airlines, Lin described his trade to the Lakers as “a great opportunity” because he can learn much from his new teammate, Kobe Bryant, four-time NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player and a five-time NBA champion.

“I wish my role could become bigger and more important, and I also wish I could get more playing time next year,” said the 25-year-old point guard.

Lin, who is only under contract for one more season, averaged 13.0 points and 5.2 assists in 153 games over the past two seasons with the Rockets. He was moved to the Rockets’ bench last season, after…

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Teen’s suicide sparks concern over bullying in Scioto County, Ohio – WOWK

Teen’s suicide sparks concern over bullying in Scioto County, Ohio WOWK “They just need to do a better job when a child comes to them and tells them stuff like that,” says Jonathan’s father, Randy, who stresses that bullying is going on everywhere…


My heart goes out to the parents of this young man who took his life because of bullying suffered at his school–with allegations that school administrators took no substantive action to address the harm, an attitude that I believe to be pervasive among school administrators in this area. [I, too, brought to the attention of school personnel at my daughter’s school (located in the same region as the school named in the article) serious issues of ethnic and racial harassment, as well as retaliation for EVEN RAISING the issues to school personal, with the same non-response described in the article. Thankfully, a civil rights group from NYC, who was blown off just as our family was after contacting the school board and superintendent, stood firm regarding the mistreatment of our daughter and successfully engaged the U.S. Department of Education and our State’s Commission on Human Rights to formally address our allegations–investigations which remain on-going. 


Hopefully, the media reports of these clusters of cases in which adults who knew better turned a blind eye will finally bring some accountability back to where it belongs, and the shenanigans of the good old boy network will come to an end.