How to prevent bullying? Is teaching empathy the answer?

Teaching empathy is better than other ways to prevent bullying, says researchers. Children are less likely to bully others if they are empathetic.


Children are less likely to pick on their peers if they know the extent that the damage they have done, can go to. Experts also back up this prevailing wisdom. But kids are not born empathetic. They are susceptible to impulses.

Trying to tame bullies by teaching them empathy is one of the most effective ways to prevent bullying. But experts also suggest that teaching empathy may have the opposite effect on children.

Is Empathy the Solution to Bullying?



Hazing: A sugarcoated name for bullying and assault


A Case of Rights vs Rites

We owe it to our students to call it what it is.

Hazing is violent behavior we’d never excuse under its real name: bullying and assault.

Hazing is tacitly permitted and spans the violence continuum from taunting, extortion, and humiliation, to forced substance abuse, and physical and sexual assault. Like all bullying, hazing is an abuse of power and it negatively affects both girls and boys. The problem continues to exist because students are afraid to report it, it flies under the radar of adult scrutiny, or adults are aware of it and do nothing. Looking the other way and this veil of secrecy provide the perfect mix for uncontrolled, destructive behavior under the guise of tradition and good fun.

The traditions and myths surrounding hazing allow it to enjoy a protected place in our culture, not just in our colleges, but also in…

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