I’m not a fan of cliches or “it-will-get-better” advertisement campaigns, but so many successful people (however you choose to define success — from being a loving father with a wonderful relationship with his daughter to a filthy rich entrepreneur to a popular adult with a wide circle of witty and diverse friends), but please take note of the many “successful” people have emerged much stronger and better equipped for reaching their goals because they went through the senseless hatred and wounds of rejection. I wish the same for your blog audience!

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This is for the many who have been rejected in their lives, whether personally or professionally. Rejection hurts. It causes wounds. It makes victims feel worthless and leads many to depression…

of any kind.
Can negatively…
impact your mind.
When you’ve tried…
and given your best.
Then get rejected..
it’s like failing a test.
When you’ve loved…
and given your heart.
Then get rejected…
it’s like getting torn apart.

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