Discussing No Court Time with a Player

Not everyone can be a star, but every player CAN & DESERVES TO BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY!

Not everyone can be a star, but every player CAN & DESERVES TO BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY!

Discussing No Court Time with a Player.

There are so many excellent coaches wo willingly volunteer their time or get paid next to nothing to make not only skilled players out of our sons and daughters, but also mold them into excellent young men and young ladies. Having played, coached, been the son of a coach and have had so many excellent coaches for my daughter, I really admire the characteristics of a great coach I just listed. Unfortunately, just as someone gets to become rich by playing the lottery, there are those rare coaches (scratch that last noun and insert: “bullies who love the title of coach, but whose real love is humiliating talented players,destroying their confidence and then telling them they couldn’t “man up”–who in my daughter’s case was 11 years old when the bully who calls herself coach dug her claws into her. Thankfully, we moved schools while the U.S. Dept. Of Education and our state’s ?Commission on Human Rights investigates this “coach”, and my daughter, just finishing her 9th grade year is receiving recruiting letters from NCAA High Division I universities–but nearly gave up basketball because of the deplorable treatment of her bully who called herself a coach.

If you are a sports fan, a coach, player or concerned parent and you haven’t or don’t follow FBC (@funbasketballcoach), you are missing out on some wonderful articles from advice articles such as this one to coaching strategy and player drills. I personally have not met the man behind the twitter account, but I know I enjoy his posts!

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