We choose our friends because of . . . our shared genetic code?

Friends tend to have shared DNAimageimagehttp://www.upworthy.com/the-scientific-reason-someone-befriends-you-might-freak-you-out-just-a-bit?c=upw1

I wasn’t prepared for the scientific discovery described in the video linked above–that we choose our friends on the basis of our shared genetic material–particularly the DNA associated with the sense of smell. Although science seems to embrace this idea, I remain skeptical because of the large circle of racially diverse friends I have. 

The video also has another interesting finding–evolution appears to speed up among friends with shared DNA. I found the video interesting and think it would be worth your while to take a look at it.

Bullying Hurts. How to Help Your Child Stand Up and Speak Out.

A great blog post about bullying, particularly against Asian Americans, created by a physician with a mix of high quality videos and interesting and informative narrative. I would encourage all to view this post who have been victims of bullying, parents of bullied victims, or simply bystanders witnessing acts of bullying but chose not to speak up.



Watching your children succeed in school is rewarding. What happens when your child dreads going to school? There could be a few reasons why children would rather not be at school, especially after summer fun. In case it is more than the back-to-school blues, it is important be aware of the under-recognized yet wide-spread social issue of bullying.

Bullying can take place in various forms—physically, emotionally, psychologically, and now, takes place more and more online (it’s called cyber bullying). The truth is, bullying can affect your child’s health and academics. Children who are bullied are much more likely to experience depression and anxiety, substance abuse, and decreased academic achievement.

Watch this video to get an insight into the world of bullying. This short film was created by Project AHEAD interns to bring to light the effects of bullying.


Bullying can be an especially devastating problem in the Asian American…

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