Your Life Is Probably Just A Videogame (Really)

Although I am firm in my Russian Orthodox faith, the idea that we are living in a virtual world has intrigued me since I first watched The Matricx Trilogy. This blog post does a great job of exploring this notion of a virtual reality in which we all currently reside.

Thought Catalog

“Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream.” — Jack Kerouac


There is a very real chance that we are, right this moment, and unaware of the fact, living inside of a video game. This is not a metaphor. This is not an attempt (admittedly, sadly characteristic of me, I get it, whatever) at trolling a sometimes too-easily confused class of perennially-furious anonymous internet commenters. This is an answer to the question of the nature of our reality that is plausible, recently popularized, and linked to a powerful thought experiment that I will outline below, implications of which I can’t escape, and that you might not be able to either. So before you read on, consider the degree to that you are satisfied with your life; if you aren’t looking for a mindfuck, probably go and find a listicle ASAP. One of mine, even. Have you…

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