“We Tortured Some Folks”: Obama Admits United States Committed Acts Violating Federal and International Law

image imageI do not practice and have never practiced International or Military Law, but Professor Turley was an excellent professor while I earned my LL.M. At George Washington University. He certainly is very clear on his position that the U.S. torture of prisoners post 9-11 was not and could not be justified under any American or International Rule of Law.




President_Barack_Obamatorture -abu ghraibFollowing the admission that the CIA hacked Senate computers and lied to Congress, President Obama today affirmed that it did indeed torture people. This admission (while belated) is an important recognition by the United States of what is obvious from a legal standpoint. However, that also means that CIA officials violated both federal and international law. The question is why Obama began his first term by promising CIA employees that they would not be tried for what he now describes as “tortur[ing] some folks.”

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