MARCH MADNESS is by far my favorite sporting experience, but John Oliver’s brilliant video sketch disrespecting the event caused me to laugh myself into near-respiratory failure!

Every one of my very closest friends is aware of two (not widely known) facts about me: (1) My family and I refer to Easter as Pascha, and (2) My favorite sporting event–the one I live for and illegally gamble upon–is the NCAA Final Four (these days referred to as March Madness). Unfortunately for my spiritual life, I ascribe religious significance to both of these events.

I would never have predicted that I would laugh so incredibly hard as I did watching someone lampoon my beloved sports event so ferociously. I cannnot make a single comment that would contibute in any meaningful way to the video linked below other than: If you have EVER watched the event known as March Madness, YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!!!!!

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