Developing Speaking Skills in the Classroom

I agree completely!

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Speaking is one of the four Macro Skills. More specifically, it is one of the two Productive Skills – the other being writing. However, unlike in writing, time-constraints are a defining feature of speaking – WordItOut-word-cloud-851807you have very little time to process and decode the incoming signals, think up a response and then encode your response. This entire process needs to be achieved within milliseconds. Luckily, learners will be used to doing this with their L1 – that means they need to be encouraged to transfer this ability from their L1 to their L2.

When it comes to developing speaking skills in the classroom, very often coursebooks and teachers focus mainly on developing a specific item of language, i.e. linguistic accuracy. For example: the lesson is largely focused on the use of Present Perfect and as a follow-up the teacher asks the learners to “talk about some experiences you have had with your partner.” This, if…

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