US Must Do More on Civil Rights, Officials Agree – New York Times

At a U.N. agency in Geneva, Justice Department officials discussed issues including the use of torture, and the recent police-involved deaths of black men.


I wish a sincere, open-minded dialogue could take place in America without the current polorization that prevents any meaningful dialogue on this issue. It is more than a tad embarrassing when America’s human/civil rights actions/inactions are being discussed at the United Nations (UN) level.

TONIGHT AT 6: Uncovered evidence shows bullying was factor in Emilie Olsen’s … – WCPO

The I-Team uncovered never-released evidence – emails, school reports, a sexually explicit social media account and more – that shows bullying was a factor in Emilie Olsen’s suicide.


Another senselessl suicide because efforts were not made to protect someone “different” from the majority of the bullied student’s classmates.

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