Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil

Ancient Christian Wisdom

Christ_Agia_Sophia For the Church Fathers, the relationship between the Gospel of Christ and the Law of Moses could be likened to the distinction between the work of a trainer or a pedagogue on the one hand and the work of someone who initiates someone into a mystery or a mystagogue on the other. The first directs the body to do this or that. The second illumines the mind to see clearly what was formerly hidden. Thus, Saint Basil the Great would say that “as the law forbids evil deeds, the Gospel does so with well hidden passions” (Initium Morialum, PG 31.761). If we were to put it in contemporary language, we could say the law concentrates on modifying behavior for a God-pleasing way of life, whereas the Gospel focuses on cognition as behavior’s source. In this psychological context of behavior and cognition or patristic perspective of action and vision, Christ’s own…

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Picture This! US Patent Office Grants Amazon ‘Photography Against A White Background’ Patent

I thought the headline was a joke upon first glance!


PatentTrademarkOffice-Seal_svgSubmitted by Elaine Magliaro, Weekend Contributor

Doesn’t it seem “patently” absurd that Amazon would be granted a patent for the process of taking a photo against a white background? Earlier this week, Udi Tirosh broke that news at DIY Photography. Tirosh said that he really wasn’t sure how he could tag the story any way “other than a big #fail for the USPTO, or a huge Kudos for Amazon’s IP attorneys.” He added that in a patent titled “Studio Arrangement,” Amazon took IP ownership on what photographers “call shooting against a seamless white backdrop.”

Tirosh wrote that Amazon’s patent “describes the arrangement of elements in the studio to make a product shot—and “even details the F-stop, ISO value and focal length you need to use”:

a background comprising a white cyclorama; a front light source positioned in a longitudinal axis intersecting the background, the longitudinal axis further being substantially…

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