‘You’ Don’t Exist: Why an Enduring Self Is a Delusion | Alternet

The article linked below immediately piqued my interest, and I believe it deserves at least a quick read by anyone who has ever pondered the nature of their existence or their level of self-awareness.

The article questions whether “we” actually exist, not in a mental construct like the Matrix (where humans are harvested for their btu production to run AI machines), but rather more generally, addressing THE question–whether “we” exist in any manner at all.



'You' Don't Exist: Why an Enduring Self Is a Delusion | Alternet


Personality Tests: Fortune Cookie Analysis or Scientific Methodology?


I am typically typically not a big fan of personality tests (though unfortunately I have both taken and given them through teaching graduate classes and taking supervisory courses in connection with my profession. I have always felt they unfairly or too generously applied yet another stereotypical label–which we should be shattering rather than adding to the list of stereotypes. To me the tests were a combination of pseudoscience and fortune cookie analysis based on how the test-taker was feeling at the time he/she was tested.

However, the test described in the article, linked below, seemed slightly different, somehow better than the starched shirt Meyers-Briggs Personality Inventory, whose promoters took themselves, in my humble opinion, a bit too seriously. I will let you be the judge as to whether the personality test described below belongs in the Astrology/Horoscope category or the Science/Psychology category.


Do Personality Tests Tell Us Anything of Value?

Do Personality Tests Tell Us Anything of Value?