What the Public Doesn’t Know About Killing Endangered Species

It’s The 4th-Biggest Illegal Industry In The World, And In 11 Years, It Will Destroy Itself

There is a terrible epidemic in the killing and trade of endangered species worldwide for profit. While the extinction of any species is one of the worst acts humankind can inflict on a helpless animal, there are aspects to this needless killing which have even more far-reaching consequences that some say could endanger humans themselves. The video below will explain, in very graphic detail how ivory trade could ultimately destroy the human race.

One elephant is killed every 15 minutes and 96 elephants are killed each day.
The ivory trade is not only illegal, it is also a huge-profit enterprise for organized crime and for radical groups who use money from their killing spree to finance terrorist activities around the globe.
Each time you buy an “innocently produced” ivory trinket or souvenir, please recognize you are taking part, indirectly, in the needless killing of the majestic elephant and are furthering organized crime and terrorist activities.

Please view the video below (if you can make it through the gruesome images) and consider what, if anything, you can do or are willing to do to stop this senseless destruction of an important animal species and to, equally importantly, stop the spread of terrorism associated with these senseless acts of cruelty.