Bronchiectasis – An Alarming Medical Issue

As one who suffers from Brochestis, I was glad to see a post on this debasing disease.

Chronic Lung Infections Antibiotics

Bronchiectasis is a very serious medical condition that can become the cause for various health issues like failure of the respiratory system and heart failure. In Bronchiectasis, airways, that is the tubes in your body which transport air inside and outside the lungs get damaged and distorted.

Bronchiectasis mostly occurs due to an infection in the airways that widens the wall of these tubes and thus, destroys their ability to clear mucus. At, our medical organization has the best healthcare experts who will help you fight against this grave disorder with great efficiency and skill.

A slimy substance, mucus is actually produced by the airways to help the body get rid of bacteria, dust and other impurities that enter your corporal frame by some way or the other. But in a victim of Bronchiectasis, the ability of the airways to clear out this mucus gets lost. It is this…

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The failure to stop bullying has driven courts and policymakers to take drastic means (imposing economic liability) to protect innocent victims

Finally, a truly effective anti-bullying movement is gaining ground . . . because it hits those responsible for bullying their victims or failing to stop the bulling where it hurts the mosttheir pocketbooks. The failure of schools to address bullying for so long when administrators have known the terrible consequences to the victims has driven governmental policymakers to create law/policies which allow victims to sue for monetary damages virtually anyone who bullies, fails to stop bullying or who turns a blind eye to the bullying occurring on their watch.

The link beneath the anti-bullying graphic (which contains the address to a great anti-bullying site) takes the reader to an excellent article explaining the economic liability facing bullies and those who had an obligation to abate the bullying occuring on their watch.