Jeremy Lin Latest: Blogs Say New LA Lakers Player Could be All-Star, Most Improved Player in 2014-15

I am thankful the Lakers are giving Jeremy an opportunity to succeed and not a deliberate attempt to make him fail as The Houston Rockets and their Frankensteinian leader Keven McHale tried so diligently to accomplish.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have never spoken to a more selfless, humble professional athlete as Jeremy Lin (though my personal friend, Troy Brown, former WR with the New England Patriots, is a close second). Upon learning from his mother about my Asian American daughter’s racially motivated bullying/harassment/discrimination at her former school (see, Jeremy immediately arranged a video chat with her between practices after just returning from his extended stay in China. He chatted with my daughter for well over a half hour about their shared experiences and offered sage advice on dealing with racial slurs and harassment . . . and, of course, basketball tips since my daughter has a flair for basketball also. After their talk, Jeremy ensured that my daughter could get in touch with his agent if she needed to talk in the future. His chat began to help her immediately. She transferred to a new high school with an emphasis on girls basketball (who designed a special academic program for her to continue to excell academically) and was invited to try-out for and was selected to play for a Nike sponsored EYBL travel basketball program and after a few tournaments was moved up an age bracket and place on an elite team.

Based on Jeremy’s act of kindness to my daughter at a time she was struggling in life, I am excited that karma is working and that Jeremy is getting a real, not token, opportunity to demonstrate his basketball talents with the Lakers!

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Several blogs are saying that Jeremy Lin, fresh off a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers from the Houston Rockets, could make some big steps this year and even become an All-Star or the Most Improved Player this upcoming season.

Lin, who often plays point guard, will likely be starting in L.A., mentored by the veteran Steve Nash.

Though Lin showed some serious promise in New York, he never lived up to expectations in Houston, prompting the team to jettison him and his large contract to the Lakers and getting nothing in return.

Now Lin has a shot to become even more popular, reported Lakes How Life.

The blog quoted Judy Seto, the Lakers physical therapist, talking about how popular basketball is in China: “Basketball has a strong heritage in China. In some of the places in China people say ‘we have waited a lifetime for them (Lakers) to…

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3 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin Latest: Blogs Say New LA Lakers Player Could be All-Star, Most Improved Player in 2014-15

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