Jeremy Lin unfairly crucified as Kevin McHale throws him under the bus

Come on McHale; you are above this racism issue . . . or so I thought.

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The tale of two turnovers tells it all about these Houston Rockets and the sickening double standard that’s haunting this franchise.

Jeremy Lin loses the ball in a crucial moment late in regulation after he’s put in an impossible position by Kevin McHale — and Lin’s absolutely crucified for it. Patrick Beverley loses the ball in the closing seconds of overtime, stopping the Rockets from ever getting off a game-tying shot — and Beverley’s given a complete free pass.


The one-sided venomous reaction in the wake of the Rockets’ 123-120 loss to Portland in Game 4 of a first round playoff series couldn’t be more predictable, telling or sad. The fans — and the segment of reporters acting like they’re waving pom poms at the games — who love to hate Jeremy Lin are almost gleeful in their condemnation. Of one of the turnovers. The other turnover? The Beverley turnover?

Well, that’s understandable…

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